Conservation and Planning

Conservation programs are designed to protect sensitive natural and cultural resources as well as to enhance the natural environment. At SES our diverse staff of scientists and planners has many years of experience assisting federal installations to conserve, maintain, and improve the natural and cultural resources over which they have stewardship. We recognize that habitat management programs are an important part of environmental restoration. Successful habitat management protects sensitive wetland systems and protects native flora and fauna from excessive impact. SES provides programmatic support for government conservation and planning programs including:

  • Habitat restoration
  • Wildlife surveys
  • Exotic vegetation control
  • Refuge management
  • Wetlands delineation
  • Threatened and endangered species studies
  • Permitting
  • NEPA compliance services including Environmental Assessments (EAs), Environmental Impact Statements (EISs), Environmental Condition of Property (ECOP) and Finding of Suitability to Transfer (FOST) analyses/surveys
  • Cultural resource surveys, documentation, and consultation
  • Environmental Management System (ISO 14001)
  • Environmental education and outreach
  • Ecological risk assessments
  • Preparation of Integrated Natural Resource Management Plans

Natural Resources Program Support at Fort Belvoir

SES has been providing environmental compliance support at Fort Belvoir, Virginia, for over a decade and continues that support today under a 5-year contract with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. We are helping support the implementation of Fort Belvoir’s Natural Resources Program as the Installation undergoes transformation resulting from BRAC and mission changes. SES supports the following components of this program:

  • Land Management
  • Ecosystem Management
  • Watershed Management
  • Special Natural Areas Management
  • Environmental Outreach
  • Education

SES has provided habitat restoration projects for species that are impacted by BRAC construction projects at Fort Belvoir. The projects will enhance and restore existing habitat areas or areas that were previously inhabited by these species. Work includes site preparation, plantings and grass seeding.

SES also ensures that actions at the Installation encompass “green” and environmentally friendly practices. The scope of work has included coordinating LEED, energy and water efficiency initiatives.